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You can pay with SNAP/EBT at Friends and Family Farm

With weekly pick-up sites in South Eugene and the Whiteaker

At Friends and Family Farm, we think everyone should have access to high-quality, local produce.

We are proud to offer payment plans for SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks to increase the accessibility of our vegetables, berries, fruits, and herbs.

Read more about how you can use your Oregon Trail Card to pay for your CSA or Pre-purchase credit to spend in our Online Farm Store.

We look forward to sharing our produce with you. Grown with love and care on our farm in Veneta, Oregon.

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Affordable produce for Oregonians


CSA for half the price

If you have an Oregon Trail Card (aka. EBT) with SNAP benefits, you can use it to pay for your CSA subscription. Thanks to incentives offered by the Double Up Food Bucks program (DUFB) you only pay half the price for your CSA share. The other half is matched by funds raised by PNWCSA.

We consider this a big win-win! You get more bang for your buck, and we get full payment for our produce.

How it works

1) You sign up for our CSA on our website

You get 24 weeks of farm fresh produce from May through October

2) Choose EBT at check-out

This is just to let us know how you intend to pay, your payment will not be processed yet

3) We send you an email about payment

You will need to fill out some paperwork to complete your payment
Payment is typically spread across the CSA season. You can see an example payment schedule below

4) You enjoy your CSA, once weekly pick-up starts

Don't worry, we will send you a reminder before the first week


Prefer Free Choice? Try Credit instead!

If a weekly CSA does not work for you, we also offer an option to buy pre-purchased credit with your SNAP/EBT. This way you can still enjoy the benefits of the Double Up Food Bucks program.

You can think of credit as a free-choice CSA. You commit to buying a certain amount of produce throughout the season, but it is up to you when you want to use it, what you want, and how much you get each time. 

The amount of credit that you purchase with your SNAP/EBT will be matched by DUFB - if you buy $100 of credit, you will get $200 to spend!

You can use your credit at our Online Farm Store, or at our Farmers' Market booths.

If you are interested in buying credit with your SNAP/EBT and get Double Up Food Bucks, please send us an email. Together we will make a payment plan, and you will fill out the required paperwork. 

Learn More
About Credit


Can I still get DUFB at the Farmers' Market?

Yes! The DUFB program for CSA is separate from the program for the Farmers Market and the Grocery Store.
That means you will still be able to get your DUFB cards at the information booth of the Farmer's Market you usually attend, even if you have purchased a CSA or Credit with Friends and Family Farm.

Even if you spend your Friends and Family Farm Credit at our booth, you can still get your regular allotment of DUFB cards (those little $2 cards) to spend as usual (with us, or any other Farmers Market booth that accepts them).

I do not have enough SNAP on my card to buy your CSA

Don't worry! We do not process the full payment amount for our CSA all at once - we know your SNAP benefits pr. month is limited.

When you sign up for our CSA, you will approve a payment plan. We split your payment up.

Usually, one portion is paid after you sign-up to secure your spot. The remaining payment is then split over each of the CSA months. You can see our standard payment plan below. We have flexibility, and are open to finding a solution that works for you.

Friends and Family CSA 2024

After sign-up $30

May $45

June $45

July $45

August $45

September $45

October $45


Have More Questions?

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We want to help you however we can.
You can find our contact information right here.  

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