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CSA Vacation Credit 2024

February 7, 2024

Vacation Credit for 2024 CSA Subscriptions

We love to travel, and we don't want your CSA subscription to stand in the way of adventures.
Receive vacation credit for weeks you are gone, which can be spent when you are back in town.

The Credit

When you skip a CSA week you receive $20 vacation credit. There are no limits, skip as many weeks as you need to. 

Vacation credit can be spent at our Online Farm Store. Use it to order extra quantities of CSA items or add additional items to your box whenever you want. Orders from our Online Farm Store are delivered weekly at the same time and location as our CSA, so it is easy to pick up. 

You can also spend your vacation credit at our booth at the Farmers' Market in Veneta or Florence. See current locations and hours here.

Notify Us

For planning purposes, you must give us at least one week's notice for vacation skips.

Inform us no later than Wednesday 7 pm one week prior to the week you wish to skip. You can let us know in person at pick-up or through text, call, or email. Find our contact information here.

Unforeseen circumstances? Things come up! If you become unable to pick up your CSA box, but have not notified us of vacation, we suggest that you ask a friend or family member to pick up the box. We appreciate a notification if someone else is picking up your box, but it is not required. 

We cannot be held responsible for any unclaimed boxes at pick-up. We aim to donate unclaimed boxes to our local food bank, but this may not always be possible.

Lots of travel planned?

If you already know that you will be out of town for a majority of the CSA season, we suggest that you order pre-purchased credit for our Online Farm Store instead. Pre-purchased credit offers many of the same benefits as a CSA subscription for both you and us but provides greater flexibility.

You can read more about pre-purchased credit here

Fine print

- Any vacation credit acquired in 2024 must be redeemed before 12/31/24.
- We cannot guarantee the availability of specific products on the Online Farm Store or at the Farmers' Market. All inventory is first come, first served.
- Any vacation credit not redeemed before 12/31/24 will be used to further improve the offerings of Friends and Family Farm, through purchases of tools and plant stock.

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